Infrastructural Facility Management

Infrastructural facility management is characterized by daily dedication and professional organization. In commercial real estate and residential real estate, janitors and the hard-working cleaning staff often play a pivotal role in providing:

  • Custodial services, key management
  • Deep cleaning and basic cleaning
  • Glass, facade and special request cleaning
  • Outdoor and traffic area cleaning
  • Groundskeeping, snow and ice control
  • Professional waste disposal
  • Guarding and patrol services

Every day, GIG delivers on its promise to “present a friendly face to tenants” by sending out highly skilled employees and professional partner companies nationwide.

Services are more specialized in the industrial sector, where assuming the operator’s responsibility requires the involvement of engineers and experts in:

  • Fire protection and emergency response
  • Waste and recycling management
  • Logistics and shipping (pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.)
  • Regular, special and cleanroom cleaning
  • Solvent storage management
  • Guard and plant security management

Our commitment to cutting costs includes providing transparency through service level agreements and employing innovative robotic systems.