Supply of utilities

GIG has technicians and engineers who specialize in utility services and can professionally operate your power grids, heating and cooling supply systems and other utilities.

GIG offers customers:

  • Grid and supply system operation
  • Utility generation and delivery (power, heating, natural gas, industrial gases, compressed air, cooling, etc.)
  • Meter operation
  • All services relating to the supply of utilities, from engineering to plant construction and operation
  • Operation of grids and supply systems, particularly microgrids, including grid/system purchase or leasing

Strategic facility transformations, particularly those aimed at turning single-user sites into multi-user campuses, often thrust customers briefly into the role of a conventional utility company.

GIG’s energy services are described here.

GIG can professionally handle the following activities for you from start to finish:

  • Operation of power grids and other utility supply systems based on a lease or purchase
  • Grid/system unbundling based on the actual leasing situation (design and execution)
  • Issuing utility statements based on consumption and settling the accounts directly with tenants

Property management as well as hard and soft facility management generally have significant overlaps with utility supply services.

GIG eliminates unnecessary interfaces by providing all these services directly.

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