Energy services

GIG can provide energy service solutions that will sharpen your competitive edge.

That includes:

  • Energy management
  • Energy-optimized operation and maintenance
  • Planning and implementation of optimized energy savings
  • Energy performance contracts and chauffauge contracts
  • Comprehensive, holistic energy consulting
  • Outsourcing of energy management systems or implementation of external systems

Under energy performance or chauffauge contracts, GIG will optimize, modernize, rehabilitate, revitalize and rebuild energy-generating facilities. It can support you from development and design to construction all the way to operations, maintenance and fuel/materials sourcing.

When it comes to comprehensive, holistic energy consulting, GIG provides the full package: performing thorough energy audits, assessing weak points and opportunities, developing programs and action plans and conducting profitability analyses.

GIG can also take over the operation of your energy management system or implement an external energy management system for you, drawing on its full body of knowledge and experience. As a specialist in this discipline, GIG works in total conformity with EN ISO 50001 and supports companies in their own compliance and certification efforts.

In today’s market, companies need a reliable supply of high-quality utilities 24 hours a day. GIG can supply what you need at competitive rates.

Build on GIG’s extensive experience supplying utilities to companies and implementing flexible, intelligent energy management systems.

GIG can also take over the entire process of sourcing and supplying your utilities for you.