Residential Real Estate

GIG has been servicing the residential real estate market with its highly trained workforce since 1998 and currently supports residential property portfolios, rental apartments and homeowners’ associations across Germany for homeowners and property managers.

One-stop shop

Technical FM services

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Management of minor repairs
  • Planning, superintendent services, modernization
  • Restoration of utility lines
  • Issuance of energy performance certificates

Infrastructural FM services

  • Custodial services, key management
  • Concierge services
  • Social workers
  • Guarding and patrol services
  • Maintenance of premises safetyt
  • Deep cleaning and basic cleaning
  • Glass, facade and special request cleaning
  • Outdoor and traffic area cleaning
  • Groundskeeping, snow and ice control
  • Professional waste disposal

Transparency of operating costs

  • Detailed itemization of all soft FM services
  • Waste management optimization

Transparency of non-recoverable costs

  • Allocation of repairs to tenants, insurance providers
  • Monthly breakdown of repairs, by trade
  • Maintenance strategy for each trade

Intelligent optimization and savings

  • Cost savings through transparency
  • Strategy-driven optimization
  • Extra services with an on-site service center