GIG Pandemic Concept


The onset of the pandemic has also presented the real estate industry with major challenges. Thanks to extensive protective and hygiene measures, we continue to be there for our customers, tenants and users of real estate.

As a reliable and customer-oriented FM service provider and specialist company for ventilation system construction, we guarantee safe operation of real estate, commercial and industrial sites as well as critical infrastructure such as power grids for all parties involved.

Therefore, we have developed a 3-pillar solution for our customers with organizational and technical measures (in compliance with the law and in accordance with the official recommendations of the Federal Government and the Robert Koch Institute).

Our many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry enable us to support our customers in providing the best possible protection against possible transmission of SARS-CoV-2 with individual concepts based on our proven 3-pillar solution:


Ventilation and air-conditioning solutions (in accordance with VDI 6022 or VDI 3810 Sheet 4 as well as recommendations from experts, in particular the German Association of the Building Services Industry (BTGA) and the German Engineering Federation (VDMA):

  • Optimization of ventilation solutions such as:
    • Increasing the proportion of fresh air or reducing the proportion of recirculated air in the ventilation system through optimised operation or retrofitting
    • Change of filter stages to high-performance air filters such as HEPA filters to reduce germ contamination of the air supply
    • Cycle increase of the filter change in ventilation and air conditioning systems by carrying out additional maintenance appointments
    • Retrofitting of UV-C irradiation technology for decontamination of supply air

Installation of humidification solutions to ensure optimal humidity (according to a study by Yale University, in the range of 40-60% relative humidity is the best).

    • humidity, the probability of transmission of respiratory diseases such as covid-19, influenza, etc. is lowest).

Installation of UV-C lighting systems to support surface disinfection in critical areas by ultraviolet radiation (outside working hours)

Structural engineering solutions based on recommendations of the
trade associations and the Robert Koch Institute:

  • Equipping workplaces with partition or protective walls (e.g. so-called spit shields)
  • Innovative nano-coatings for increased germ resistance of frequently used surfaces (handrails, door handles, WC seats, etc.)
  • Ensuring drinking water hygiene by means of circulation or flushing facilities to prevent contamination despite reduced use
  • Conversion of building services equipment to touchless operation to avoidcontact or smear infections, e.g. touchless sanitary fittings (towel dispensers, WC flushes, washbasin fittings), touchless door opening, etc.
  • Supply and installation of hand disinfection dispensers

      Organizational measures:

  • Contactless body temperature measurement in the reception area
  • Informing employees about hygiene measures and protection recommendations, e.g. by means of notices and information signs.
  • Surface markings/inscriptions to separate walking areas or to maintain minimum distances in waiting areas and traffic areas as well as in lifts#.

Supply of protective clothing, in particular protective masks

We are continuously developing these concepts and solutions in a constant exchange with experts and professional associations/committees and in compliance with the recommendations of the German Federal Government and the Robert Koch Institute. We are also available to our customers at any time for individual solutions at all levels.

We are also at your disposal for advice and wish you a successful mastering of the upcoming challenges, stay healthy!