Social commitment for a clean planet. The GIG supports and participates in the "World Cleanup Day 2021".

Group photo: volunteers at the World Clean Up Day on Saturday, 18.09.2021

Together with the Junior Chamber of Commerce, the Berlin Chamber of Industry and Commerce and other companies, employees of the GIG group of companies removed 150 pieces of rubbish from neighbouring green spaces and surrounding streets on Hohenzollerndamm. In the process, over 4 m³ of rubbish was collected from the green areas and bushes for proper disposal. In addition to municipal waste, food packaging and handkerchiefs, even disused televisions and a motor scooter were collected and disposed of properly.

Under the motto "do instead of grumble", this was already the second time that GIG participated in the worldwide "World Clean Up Day" in order to actively support our immediate surroundings and make an essential contribution to environmental protection. The response from the residents in the neighbourhood was consistently positive and other companies in the neighbourhood, such as Weberbank, could be won over.

Since the GIG was founded, we have represented the values in public. These include social commitment, respect and the assumption of social responsibility.