ESG Facility Managers take on more tasks

GIG reports in the real estate newspaper

Excerpt real estate newspaper: issue 30/2022

New working environments and ESG place additional demands on the operation of commercial real estate. As a result, integrated facility management is evolving. Service providers are preparing for this. But clients also have to adapt.

Classic services provided by facility managers, for example the maintenance of building technology, cleaning and catering, are increasingly being supplemented by additional tasks. These include, for example, the operation of charging infrastructures or space management. In addition to ESG and New Work, the Corona pandemic has also contributed to this development.

"ESG and new working environments will have an impact on the requirements for a facility manager. We are preparing for this," explains Torsten Hannusch. He is the founder and managing partner of GIG, a specialist in technical FM, and says: "The facility manager must also be a professional ESG manager for his operation."

Digitization and the coordination of associated processes have become much more important in the orders placed by the service provider, which manages around 500 commercial units, among other things, over the past two years. As part of campus management, for example, GIG supports the allocation of on-site children's playgrounds. This is intended to relieve the burden on parents who work for the tenants.

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